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Landscape by Palmer

Landscaping - Tree Trimming, Sod, Fountain, Pond and Outdoor Lights and More with Palmer in Tampa - St. Petersburg, Florida

Joe Palmer specializes in personalized and complete professional landscaping service. We have provided exemplary sod, tree trim, garden fountains, ponds and outdoor lighting services to select communities and top Fortune 500 commercial businesses throughout the state of Florida.

Joe Palmer currently provides landscape design and installation, major tree trimming, to virtually the entire state of Florida. From Miami to Jacksonville, Naples to Tallahassee, and the entire Orlando area!

Landscape by Palmer is outfitted with landscape professionals dedicated to meeting and exceeding your landscaping goals. We will provide you with intelligent and cutting-edge outdoor landscaping replete with outdoor lighting, tree trim service, grasses (including Zoysia Grass), shrubs, ponds, hedges, terracing, retaining and decorative walls and structures, fountains, waterfalls and more.

To the right is a partial list of the landscaping service including sod installation, tree trimming, fountains, ponds and outdoor lighting services (performed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives) we offer.

Please contact us for landscaping services not listed


  • Custom Landscaping and Floral Design Consultations
  • Efficient Professional Landscape Implementation
  • Tree Trimming
  • Expert Grass and Sod Replacement Including Ornamental Grasses (Zoysia Grass among others)
  • Outdoor Plants, Tree, Flower and Garden Design, Pruning and Pest Control.
  • Butterfly Garden Design
  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting performed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
  • Planting and Trimming Privacy Hedges and Tree Borders
  • Garden Fountains
  • Natural Landscaping Rock and Rock Gardens
  • Natural and Artificial Mulch
  • Pond Construction, Koi and Garden Ponds and Maintenance
  • Waterfall Planning and Building
  • Gardening Services
  • Custom Container Gardening