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Q: How do you decide which features to use on a particular property?

A: Obviously we turn to our client and see what their vision is for their outdoor landscaping design space. We then look to the natural structural elements, (the bones of the yard really), that we want to absolutely incorporate. This sets the tone and gives us a canvas on which to create the final outdoor landscaping design including lighting, sprinkler systems and such.

Q: Do you handle sprinkler systems, mist irrigation systems, garden walls, outdoor lights or rock gardens?

A: I think we’ve done just about everything you can think of! We handle all outdoor landscaping design elements such as the garden wall construction, trellis, outdoor lights and rock gardens you mentioned - and many more. We perform most detailed landscaping work in-house and work directly with specialized contractors on certain construction projects. We are complete full service outdoor landscaping designers.

Q: What design philosophy do you espouse?

A: We look at outdoor landscaping design as a living, breathing organism. The harmony of elements is what we look for - purposeful landscaping – helping your property reach its full potential.

Q: Is it difficult to maintain a highly-designed professionally landscaped area? Are there things that have to be done between maintenance visits from Palmer?

A: The degree of detailed outdoor landscaping design we specialize in requires ongoing maintenance to keep its appearance sharp and manicured. Even natural wildflower and desert or tropical xeriscaping required regular upkeep, trimming and the like. Between your maintenance visits provided by your maintenance provider you truly need only enjoy the results - perhaps bring some flowers inside for vases.

Q: Can you provide me with a list of past clients and businesses you’ve worked with?

A: Certainly. Call our office and we’d be happy to provide those for you.